Skin management in Ayurvedic way

We are always concern about our face and our skin. The physical world and our thoughts prefer that we do not have imperfections on our skin and face such blemishes, spots, blotchness, redness, etc. For those reasons we frequently visit the spa embarking upon chemical treatments in hopes of beautifying our skin. Although

the results may superficially be what we hope for, overall the effects are not healthy for our skin or our well being.

Nature has given us great gift of herbs, when used properly we benefit from it. Ayurveda teaches us if we take care of our skin naturally we will surely get rid of the skin problems. In summer due to heat, air becomes hot and dry which results in kapha decreasing and vata increasing. This makes our body dehydrated. In addition due to the exposure of the skin to the

sun and dust it develops various types of problems. Our skin has tiny pores which are being blocked by dust, leading to skin problems such as; . rashes , redness and pimples.

Here are some Ayurvedic remedies which can help us to protact our skin and to make our skin beautiful.

1- 1 tsp turmeric powder+1 tr skinsp sandalwood powder+1 tsp whole milk or cream then make a paste and

apply to the face and live it for 15-20 minutes. wash the face with cold water.

2-Rub mango pulp on face and neck. it will help the skin to cool down.

3- Rub inner layer of papaya fruit on the face to make your skin nourish and fresh.

4- Make a paste of multa mitti and a water which is very good mask to make skin wrinkle free and tight skin.

5-Rub fresh aloe vera on face to make it moisturized. Which will cool down the skin and it used to treat prickly heat.

6-Grind mango and add 1 tsp of curd and lemon juice, make paste and apply on the face and leave it for a while around 20 minutes then wash the face

7- Cucumber slicesslices


9–Holy basil has many properties which can be helpful to make our skin healthy,wrinkle free and glorious.

Take two tsf of curd and mix one teaspoon of basil powder. apply it to the face leave it until it becomes dry. wash it with cold water.

this face pack is very good for dry skin.

10-Basil powder and neem leaves powder. paste apply

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