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Ayurvedic consultation (1 hour $100)

Client's brief history regarding their physical and mantle health,

complete constitutional assessment.

daily routine(dincharya)

seasonal routine(ritu charya) including diet and exercise.

Ayurvedic herbal preparation

home remedies

Life style management

Pranayama instructor. (1 hour $65)

pranayama means regulation of breath it is the best method to make lungs strengthen and to improve lung capacity as well as to strengthen nervous system.

Ayurvedic foot massage (padabhyanga) (30 Minutes- $50)

Ayurvedic foot massage is a combination of massage and marma therapy. Ayurvedic foot massage relaxes the nervous system, releases pain, increases blood circulation and energy. In this Ayuredic process the feet are being massaged with a special medicated herbal oil according to the clients requirement and body constitution It helps to get relaxation, to detoxify internal organs, to balance the dosha, to relax feet, to improve the strength of muscles and joint, to improve eye sight, to calm the mind, to improve sleep and memory.

Ayurvedic face massage (45 Minutes $75)

In this Ayurvedic process the face is being massaged by different kind of herbs and herbal juices according to the clients requirement and their skin type and constitutional requirement, it can help to reduce dark circle under the eyes, it helps to open the pores properly and it makes skin smooth , it improves blood circulation and oxygen supply, it helps to reduces muscle tension and helps to detoxify, it helps to prevent wrinkles, it can help in migraine and insomnia.

Ayurvedic Herbal Therapy

Different type of herbs are being advised to the clients, according to the clients requirement and body constitution.


A full body steam treatment using medicated herbs according to the clients requirement and body constitution.


Medicated oil is administered through the nose .this process strengthen the upper respiratory system and removes toxins from the upper airways.

Kati basti

In this process medicated oil is poured in a dam constructed by gram floor at the lower back of the client . it helps in back ache,sciatica,muscle spasm and joint pain.

Netra basti

Medicated ghee is being poured in to the dam made by gram flour around the eye which helps to improve eye sight .

ABHYA‚ÄčNGA (1 hour $125)

A whole body massage using herbal and medicated oil according to clients constitutional requirement. Abhyanga or Ayurvedic massage is a Traditional massage technique which is being used in India since many years. It improves circulation, provides energy and makes relaxed. it helps us to activate our internal nourishes skin and soft tissues.This traditional massage technique helps to flush out toxins from the body.

SHIRODHARA ( 1 hour $125)

Shirodhara which is also known as third eye treatment or spiritual treatment. In this process, a constant flow of warm medicated,herbal oil is poured to the client's forehead which will pass through the scalp and a therapist will be massaging client's scalp. Oil is poured over the forehead, as this area has a large number of nerve endings and Agna chakra and therefore is highly sensitive. Vibrations are created on the forehead by the pressure of the oil. The oils used in this procedure, improves blood circulation to the brain by dilating the channels. It also helps to reduce the level of stress hormones and therefore provides relief from anxiety and related disorders. The entire procedure empowers the body, mind and nervous system to experience a state of deep rest, similar to the level of meditation. This process helps in mental and spiritual relaxation. Specially designed vessels is used to perform this process.

Indian Head massage(shiro abhyanga)

(30 Minutes $ 50)

The Art of Indian head massage is being practiced in India since thousand of years. it is known as champi. the head is being massaged by using different kind of medicated herbal oils according to clients requirement and body constitution. it relaxes the head,neck,upper arms and upper back. it helps the clients to release stress ,anxiety and tension head ache. and it creates peace and well being..Indian head massage is done with clothes and in upright position it can be done at any where and any time.

Benefits of Indian head massage:

  • It improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the brain.
  • general relaxation and peacefulness
  • Relaxes muscles and muscles tissues.
  • stimulates blood supply
  • improvement in joint mobility
  • it can improve your skin
  • hair health can be improved
  • it helps to release tiredness,tension and anxiety and depression.
  • it can help in migraine head ache, insomnia, tension head ache etc..

Garbha Sanskara Before pregnancy. (Pregnancy should be by choice, not by chance.)

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