Residential Retreat

Join us to clean and retreat your body ,mind and soul . Our retreat is all about detoxification based on Ayurvedic and yogic system .

Ayurveda is the oldest science of life . The roots of Ayurveda was pioneered by sages of India .According to The most trusted and accepted holistic health system , our health depends upon the balance of mind ,body and spirit . Ayurveda says health can be obtain by following proper dietary and daily routine and by doing so we can balance the mind ,body and soul . Our residential retreat is designed according to the ancient text . Our retreat will help you to achive new level of health and will inspire you to follow it in your life .It will help you to acquire new healthy habits and life style ,it will also help you to get out from the pain of thoughts which have been stuck within you .Our prime focus is on whole body detoxification ,rejuvenation , weight loss and improving mental health .

Our Ayurvedic retreats includes .

Ayurvedic Consultation- Ayurvedic consultation by Ayurvedic Physician .

Pranayama- Yogik breathing techniques to improve your health of mind , body and soul .

Yoga - Yoga exercise by experianced yoga teacher .

Panchakarma -Ayurvedic detoxifyng techniques for the cleanse .for panchakarma refer to panchakarma page .

Dincharya- Following Ayurvedic daily routine as per ancient text .

Ayurvedic Diet--Satvik ayurvedic diet accroding to clients constitutional requirement .


Spiritual bhajans .