Prana- A vital energy within , To boost immunity.

Prana is a vital and most important energy within us. A chant of prashnopnishada says that Prana is the most important among all the energies within us. Prana=pra+ ana which can be translated as live energy. our body has 72000 nadis (Channels), prana flows from these nadis (channels) and it is stored in chakras, that energy is reflected through the marma points on the surface of the body. According to the Prashan Upanishada a couple named Rayi and prana was created by Brhama for the creation. Rayi is prakruty or matter and Prana is liveliness. so prana is known as Chetana or liveliness . It means prana is in self or Atman and can not be separated. The whole world is originated from prana. prana can be seen in individual’s personality. we can see difference in each individual because of the level of prana. We all are born with this vital energy prana but it is up to us, how to nourish it and how to use it in a way that we can get maximum benefits from it .

Practicing all the eight limbs of yoga will help to generate high level of prana. a person who is practicing properly all eight limbs will have more strong prana and that will be reflected as aura or ojas, when you are in contact with this type of person, you will also receive that energy. All five elements are also composed of prana , so the strength or the power of prana will have an affect of the elements to which we are in more contact. यथा पिण्डे तथा ब्रह्माण्डे, this chant is from Yajurvaveda and it explains where there is microcosm, there is a macrocosm, as per this theory what we see in the universe, we do have in ourselves, and we are a part of the universe or we are mini universe.If we are a part of this universe, that means the prana energy which we have within us is also in the universe. which is known as mahaprana . That means the food, water, air,the places we go, exercise, the people we meet will influence our prana according to the substance or people in contact with us. we all know that the vegetarian diet is better diet , but the sages knew this before thousands of years and according to the sages, when we eat vegetarian diet, it has more prana then non vegetable diet. so when we eat vegetarian diet it strengthens or it provides more prana, that is why it is advised to eat vegetarian (fresh fruits, fresh vegetables) to get maximum prana. in short, to consume maximum prana, we should try to expose ourselves with all the five elements which has maximum prana. weather you eat, drink, breath, meditate or do any practice, it must be in harmony or purity which will provide you the maximum prana. this does not mean that prana can only be received by external sources, it can also be produced by self and can be used to boost immunity and cure diseases. Now we know that Prana is vital energy and it can be used to combat many diseases and to immune ourselves, we should try to nourish and refined it. what we can do that will help us to refined or strengthen prana.

Prana is subtle and can not be seen, it has direct connection with the breath. Breath is gross form of the prana. when we breath, prana is supplied to all the parts of the body, but brain receives it maximum. so, there is a direct relation between breath(prana) and brain , mind. we eat everyday to feed our body but are we practicing any practice which will feed to our mind?then what is that food, which will nourish our mind? answer is Pranayama. yogis have mentioned that pranayama is the food of mind. so to cultivate our thoughts, to control over thoughts, to create positive thoughts and to get rid from the mental issues, we should practice pranayama.

What is Pranayama? Pranayama = Prana + Yama = Control of breathing or regulation of breathing. Pranayama is the fourth limb of yoga. which teaches us different type of breathing exercises, by those exercises prana can be influenced and that will result in positive effect to the body, mind and consciousness. by the practice of Pranayama, we are using the maximum capacity of our lungs and lungs becomes stronger, which can result in improving immunity against allergies, flue, Asthma and in any type of respiratory diseases. Pranayama is not only beneficial for the respiratory system but as it can improve your prana energy which will help to improve overall immunity. Pranayama should be practiced after training under well trained master only. So friends, see you next month with new subject.

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