Parkinson and Ayurveda.

// खा सर्वाङ्गकमपना सीरसू वायुवेपथसंज्ञाकम // Ayurveda is a science of life, it is the oldest system of medicine. It has been more then two billion years since the human came to existence. Ayurveda has been helping human since many years. Early human was enjoying his life very well with healthy mind and body. But because of some external environmental changes and uncontrollable desires, he started to suffer from various type of illnesses. If we look back to few decades from now, there were some diseases which were not curable and after the invention of antibiotics those diseases can easily be cured. There are some illnesses which was not existed before many years and we can see many new diseases now. as human started to develop, human started to implement some new life style, new way of preparing and preserving food. if we look back just a few years, we can see that we are not having as pure and satvik food as our parents used to development started, slowly human started to concentrate more on external development then internal development, Internal development is the prime purpose of human life. result of more attachment to material world, human started to live very fast and stressful life, which has given many diseases and Parkinson is one of those type of diseases. Parkinson diseases which was first described in 1817 as shaking palsy and letter on by research it was found that it is Dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter which acts as a messenger between the nerve cells. due to dopamine deficiency , it starts to show it’s symptoms. It is very difficult to diagnose Parkinson in early stage. The diseases which was first described (Symptoms) in 1817 , The diseases with the same symptoms named Kampavaata or Vepathu was described by Ayurvedic scholars before 5000 years. we can find reference of KAMPVATTA or Vepathu in Ayurvedic texts Charaka samhita and Madhava nidana. // खा सर्वाङ्गकमपना सीरसू वायुवेपथसंज्ञाकम //
This verses can be translated as, tremors in all over the body and tremors in head that is known as Vepathu. Vepathu is described in Charaka under the Vatta diseases (Vattja nanatmaja ) . symptoms as per the verses is tremors in all over the body and head, besides that , stambha (Muscle rigidity), Vakvikriti ( speech disturbance), smritibhransha(loss of memory)Chestasangha ( slow movement). To know Ayurvedic (Samprapti) patho physiology of Kampvatta, we will need to understand vatta dosha, vatta is the one of the three dosha and which , I call as a culprit or main cause for the most of the diseases. it’s primary location is pakvashaya(Colon) , because of vatta imbalancing ahara and vihara (Diet and routine) it starts to accumulate in colon, if the life style and diet or vatta aggravating nidanas(causes) are not controlled then it starts to aggravate and it leaks in blood stream or plasma and it corrupts vyana vayu and if the majja dhatu (nervous system) is weak it will localize there and it starts to show it’s symptoms, it is more likely to be in old age, because vatta is predominant in old age. vatta is a primary dosha for kampvatta, there can also be pitta or kapha’s involvement.
Ayurvedic treatment for Kampvatta (P.D.). General treatment of vatta vyadhi is considered best for the treatment of kampvatta, so if we look at the vata vyadhi chikitsa, There are two types of General principle accepted in Ayurveda, 1-palliative treatment and 2-purification treatment. 1-Palliative treatment- a- Life style and diet changes according to aggravated dosha. Kampavtta is vatta diseases, so to adopt a life style and diet which helps to balance vatta dosha. b- Practice of yoga and Pranayama. pranayama and meditation. Prana , which is a vital energy or life force and which has great impact on nervous system. according to vedic science , practice of Pranayama and meditation, helps to stimulate nerve impulses. as per the yogik anatomy, shushumna , which starts from root chakra and ends in cerebrum. proper practice of Pranayama stimulates all the chakras which strengthens nervous system. 3- Herbs- Various herbs can be helpful, Kapikachhu (Mucuna Pruriens) can be helpful, Guduchy, Aamalaki, Aswagandha and Mandookparni can also help. 1- Snehana- oliation. A- Internal oleation by taking medicated ghee, oil or other type of oily substance according to the individual’s age and strength. B- External oleaton , which is Abhyanga massage using medicated oils according to the dosha and dushya’s involvement. 2- Swedana- Herbal steam which is usually followed by Abhyanga massage. In this treatment various type of herbs steam is used for fomentation. 3- Basti – Administration of medicated decoction or oil through rectum or Ayurvedic enema . which is the best treatment for Vatta vyadhi. Kampvatta is caused by aggrivated vatta, basti is the best treatment . it has two types A- Kashaya basti – herbal decoction is used. B- Anuvasana basti- medicated oil is used. These are the basic principles can be helpful in Kampavatta (Parkinson). As Kampavata ( Parkinson) is chronic diseases, and it is considered as Kastasdhya (not easy to treat). As per the principle of Prevention is better then treatment, we should adopt a health life style and routine, which can help us for our external and internal development.

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