Multiple Sclerosis.

Rather then labelling as an Autoimmune diseases to the diseases, for which we can not find any cure for that illnesses, we should try to find out how alternatively we can find solution to prevent or to get healed a person from auto immune diseases. those who are in medicines, or alternative practices and helping people suffering from various illnesses should try to find out what is that causes any autoimmune disease? or what can we do that can help to prevent the illnesses? it would be better if we can find out the root cause and work on the root cause. as per medical science, Multiple Sclerosis is considered as an autoimmune diseases. As per the definition, in auto immune diseases the immune system attacks the healthy cells by mistake. there are about eighty types of autoimmune diseases so far known and numbers can go up or less because of new developed research. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune diseases of the central nervous system. It can be for short term or long term, it also can be with slow progress and with mild symptoms, but there is no any other signs that can allow us to predict about MS. there are no proven causes for MS but genetics, infection, environment or autoimmune factors can be the cause, there may be some other unknown causes. Myelin is a sheath which protects the nerves cells of central nervous system which is made of protein. myelin helps rapid transmission of neural information along nerve cells, basically myelin protects the nerve cells which carries messages back and forth between brain and other parts of the body. in Multiple sclerosis body’s immune system attacks myelin and damages it, that results in obstructions in the process of transforming the messages between brain and rest of the body. because of the obstructed communication between brain and other body part, body can not function as it should.Symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be for long term or short term which includes, Weakness and Fatigue, speech problems, loss of balance, weakness in muscles, urinary incontinence, nerve pain and weakness in the muscles, difficulty in swallowing, constipation, dizziness, depression and many more.

  • Weakness and Fatigue
  • Vision problem.
  • Speech problems
  • Difficulty in Swallowing
  • Loss of balance
  • Nerve Pain and weakness in the muscle
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Constipation
  • Recurrent Facial Palsy
  • Dizziness
  • Numbness of the skin and limbs
  • Depression In Ayurvedic ancient text there is not any description we can find for M.S. but there is a description of “Pranavrutta Vyana” cherecterized by sarvendriyam sunyatvam, where sense organs and action organs have interruption in their functions and weakness. which are similar symptoms as M.S. as per Ayurvedic physiology, MS is Sannipataja vyadhi( imbalance in all the three dosha) with imbalance in Majjakshaya, Ojakshya, kapha kshaya and vattapitta vriddhi. Because of diet, lifestyle and psychological issues, aggravated vatta dosha goes into Asthi majja dhatu, where already ( Kahvaigunya)weakness is present because of the less activity due to improper absorption of the nutrients . so the over activity of imbalance vatta causes kapha kshaya and majja kshaya in Asthi majja dhatu and brain, nerve cells and toxification of myelin. because of imbalance in above mentioned factors and improper in Dhatuagni (Tissues fire which functions to supply nutrients to the tissues) ) snayugat vikriti ( muscle weakness) and oja production is disturbed which results in Multiple sclerosis. Imbalance in the body energy is the main cause of MS. poor digestion and accumulation of toxins is the cause of energy imbalances. Ama (Toxins) accumulation in the minute channels of the body obstructs the flow of Prana in the system which causes neuromuscular disorders. Ayurvedic management for M.S. varies as per the individual. As we discussed earlier that the root cause of this illnesses is Avvrutaaa Vata, It can be started with removing buildup toxins in the channels of the body. Diet and lifestyle helps to create balance in body energies. treatment should be started from lifestyle and dietary changes as it can help to balance the aggravated vatta. Langhana therapy helps to remove the ama and balances the pitta kapha dosha. it also strengthens the Jatharagni (Digestive fire). Panchakarma that starts with the dipana and pachana treatment. Panchakarma therapies helps to remove the stored toxins from the minute channels of the body. various types of panchakrma therapies implemented as per the client’s individual constitution and dosha imbalance. kevalvatta treatment focuses in balancing vatta. Shirobasti, shirodhara, sarvangadhara has been used widely in M.S., Shirobasti therapy has shown interesting results. Vatta pacifying herbs are used in this line of treatment. Shamana therapy using various kind of herbs. Rasayan therapy (Rejuvenation therapy) to rejuvenate the cells. Pranayama or yogic breathing exercise is one thing that invariably helps in this illness. Deep breathing refreshes the nerves and improves the mood. This article is for information purpose only. Please contact an authentic Ayurvedic doctor for detailed information and guidance. Thank you for taking time to read this article, see you next month with a new interesting subject. till then stay safe, stay healthy.


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