Leaky Gut and Ayurveda.

Now a days the word leaky gut is getting more attention all around the world and many people complain about leaky gut. Medical professionals never used to recognize leaky gut as it was not a part of the study. Though ancient doctors believed that many illnesses can originate from the imbalance in the stomach. That was known as hypochondriasis, The upper part of stomach is known as hypochondrium. It means there are some imbalances take place in the upper part of the stomach that triggers many illnesses.
Ayurveda has stated that the root cause of any illnesses starts from the gut. If the gut or intestinal health is in the optimum level, there are very less chances of having any illnesses. That is the reason, Ayurveda has emphasized the importance of kostha or gut.
In leaky gut the parasites or bacteria penetrates into the blood stream through the intestinal wall. which can leads to widespread of inflammations and many immunoreacted issues. common symptoms can be imbalanced digestive system that can cause diarrhea, constipation, bloating, heartburn, skin issues, nutritional deficiency, poor immunity and many more. besides these it can aggravate the symptoms of other illnesses like Crohn’s diseases, IBS, diabetes, liver diseases , allergies and many more. In short leaky gut can be the cause of any illnesses.
Now, as per Ayurvedic theory, Health is completely dependent upon the strength of digestive fire. If the fire is strong the digestion will take properly. impaired digestive fire can result in improper digestion, that will lead to Ama production. Ama is a toxic, sticky and dense material. That can leak into blood stream through the intestinal wall. When the Ama starts to circulate in blood it starts to search for the weak tissues and after successful search of weak tissues, it localizes there and starts to vitiate the dosha(energy) of the weak tissues. These imbalance of the energies of the tissues starts to show the symptoms according to the involvement of the specific dosha and thus any illnesses manifests. That is the pathology of diseases according to Ayurveda.
Now we know that weak or low digestive fire is the root cause of any disease. But we should have an idea that, what causes this low digestive fire. For low digestive fire there are many factors responsible, most of them are related to your diet and lifestyle. stress is also responsible for the low digestive fire. though there is no proved connection between mind and stomach, we have seen that when the stress is more the stomach gets disturbed. so stress is the prime cause for the low digestive fire. That is why Ayurvedic sages have stated ‘ prasannaatmanedriyamanah swastham iti vidhiyate” means always pleasant Atma, senses and mind are the signs of healthy person.
So now we have clear knowledge that low digestive fire is the cause of leaky gut and the lifestyle, diet and stress are the main causes for this low or weak fire. Then what can we do, that help us to improve our digestion. Ayurvedic procedures which can help us to improve our digestive fire, which is not possible to describe here but let us learn some normal ways to improve our digestive fire. some small changes in our lifestyle will help to improve our fire strength. for example, not to eat till we are hungry, to avoid over eating, give some rest to stomach to reestablish the strength, which can be done by skipping one meal in a week or just having very light diet, proper elimination is a key factor for better health. meditation and active lifestyle will help to keep the stress away and will dramatically improve the strength of fire. besides this herbs are very important to improve the fire. Ayurveda has suggested to perform cleanse periodically, cleanse program help to remove the toxins from the body and to reestablish the gut health.
Ayurveda has description of Grahani disease, grahani is the organ of digestive system and that is located in the upper part of the stomach, so That is the hypochondrium part of the stomach and ancient doctors assumption of the cause of illnesses are in the hypochondrium which completely aligns with the Ayurvedic grahani vyadhi. principle cause of Grahani is low digestive fire.
Now we know the importance of digestive fire and how it can help to get relief from leaky gut. and How proper dietary routine can help us to improve our overall health. So we will try to follow Ayurvedic principles for our better health. Because health is the precious wealth and with better health, we can achieve the goal of human life.
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