Griva basti ( An Ayurvedic therapy for neck and shoulder pain)

In recent days many people complain about neck and shoulder pain. In ancient Ayurvedic texts basti therapy is described as the best therapy for cervical issues. There are various type of Basti therapy described in Ayurveda, and they are named as per the location of application of this therapy. Today we are going to learn about Griva basti therapy. Griva basti is considered as the best method of therapy for cervical related issues. Griva means neck and basti means to keep something for fixed amount of duration. so griva basti means to keep special kind of substances at the cervical region.
In this therapy, A special kind of dam is made using special type of herbs and other required materials at the site of pain and medicated oil (as per requirement and the dosha involvement) is poured at the compartment and it is retained in it for required amount of time.
This therapy can provide expected results if it is performed properly with Abhyanga, Nasya and steam therapy. It is advantageous in cervical issues like cervical spondylitis, cervical muscles stiffness, neck arthritis, degenerative disc disorder, neck injury, muscles spasm and stiffness, computer neck syndrome, slipped herniated disc, tension headache, migraine and many other issues related to neck.
This therapy should be performed by following all the pre and post procedure guidelines described in ancient texts. The person receiving this therapy should be advised to follow all the required guidelines before the procedure. powder massage using required herbal powder should be performed followed by steam therapy for two days before the actual procedure.
During the principle therapy procedure, medicated oil (as per the dosha involvement) is retained for a fixed amount of time and recycle it. The penetrating property of the medicated oil helps to pull out Ama (toxins), lubricates the bones, cartilages, ligaments and muscles. Medicinal property of the oil helps to relive the pain, inflammation, spasm and stiffness. This therapy can be used to relax the neck muscles in healthy individual also.
In Post therapy procedure abhyanga, pinda sweda and if required virechana can be implemented. This therapy can be performed for seven to ten days.
Griva basti helps to relive the pain, inflammation, stiffness of neck. it helps to nourish the nerves of the neck region. blood supply is increased. It brings lightness.
This blog is for knowledge purpose only. it has to be performed by qualified Ayurvedic vaidya only with prior proper assessment.
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