Ayurveda for facial care.

It is everybody’s desire to be beautiful. And this desire is not just started from today but since centuries the people have carried a desire to be beautiful. But present scenario about beauty has been changed and people have been using poisonous chemical . especially women are more focused to be beautiful. Ayurvedic sages had …

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Ayurveda for Mental Health.

Ayurveda has defined health as a mental, physical and spiritual well being. In general when we talk about health, it always refers to body but it is more then body. In our daily life, to have effective learning, communication, emotions, thinking and self esteem one must have healthy mind and soul. Our body is made …

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Theory of five elements.

 Theory of Five Elements. My last blog was about the four aspects of life. Among those four aspects, the last one is Sharira or physical body. If we look it in proper perspective, the body is nothing less then a surprise., a complicated instrument which has the capacity to support unlimited possibilities for a human.  modern medical …

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