A scalp massage using herbal medicated oil according to clients constitutional requirement .The oil used in scalp massage is highly reputed for hair health .A scalp massge which improves circulation to the scalp and stimulates hair follicles which leads to healthier hair health .It also relieves stress .It helps to relax mind and calm nervous system.

It prevents hair fall .Prevents early greying of hair .Strengthens hair roots.Gives nourishment to all sence organs .Gives good complexion to the face .Deep and sound sleep .

Mukhabhyangam .

It is a traditional ayurvedic face massage using herbal oil according to clients skin type applying special technique .It is revitalizing and nourishing treatment .This special and gentel treatment helps the sense organs to rejuvenate and tonnig effact to the skin . It is our specialty that we fmassage to the marama point to bring balance and that helps making skin healthier . 

Mukhalepam (Herbal face pack)

An Ayurvedic skin care therapy which includes a face massage using herbal beauty oil which is followed by herbal steam which is followed by face pack of a paste made from herbs according to skin type and requirement .It relaxes facial musscle and slows down agging processand rejuvenate the skin.

Twak lepam (Herbal body pack)

Twak lepam is a traditional ayurvedic skin therapy . It is a combination of Abhyanga (Massage) ,Herbal steam and body pack using skin nourishing herbs and fruites . After applying herbal and fruites paste to the body , Body is wraped in banana leaves to mantain warmth . Finally the pack is being washed by milk .This therapy helps to detoxyfy and nourishes skin.