Balance your Hormones

The hormonal changes that occures with menopause can be different from woman to some women estrogen level drops drameticaly while in others it stay in adequate enough to be benificial for the rest of life.same thing can happen for the progesteron it can be too low or can be adequate enough to be benificial for the rest of life.this hormonal  imbalance effacts womens neurotransmeters.that leads many women to experiance mood swing,hot flushes,weight gain,bloating  balance these hormons  medical science has intruduced hormon replacement therapy. but if we some natural substances which can have the same qualities as hormones that can be helpful to balance the hormones.those are known as bioidentical hormones.
natural hormone replacement Broccoli,cauli flower,cabbage,soyabean,chekpeas,

Satavari,kumari, etc.

Pranayamasevearal clincal trials has shoen that pranayama  decreses hot flashes and night sweats as well as improve a woman’s sense of well-being.

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