Ayurvedic guidelines for Menopause.

Menopause is the stage when the menstrual cycle comes to the end, which is a natural biological process that happens naturally in all women. symptoms associated with menopause are hot flashes, some time chills, night sweats, mood swing, vaginal dryness, sleep disturbance, irritations, lower energy and emotional health, weight gain, slow metabolism, hair fall, dry skin and many more. These symptoms can vary in all women.
Menopause symptoms starts at middle age when the ovary producing less estrogen and progesterone that results in irregular menstrual cycle. gradually it stops producing eggs. That is natural in the middle age of women. In some cases the ovaries are removed by surgical process for any reason and when the ovaries are removed there will not be menstrual cycle. if uterus is removed but the ovaries are not removed though there will not be menstrual period it will not be sudden menopause stage. sometime temporary menopause symptoms can be seen because of the side effect of higher medication. As we know that irregularity in ovarian functions are the prime cause of menopause, if the ovary itself is not functioning properly chances of early menopause are there.
The treatment for menopause is to regulate the functions of ovaries. Ovarian functions are regulated by the normal productions of hormones. in hormone replacement therapy, the estrogen and progesterone are regulated artificially by medication as it may have some side effects, women are looking for alternative options for HRT.
There is a description of Rajonivritti in Ayurvedic texts. Rajo refers to Menstrual cycle and Nivritti means ending of process. literal translation of Rajonivritti is ending the process of menstrual cycle. which can be compared with menopause. As per Ayurveda Rajonivritti is aging process and that is natural but when it imbalances the tranquility of mind and body at that time this natural process becomes issue and more attention requires to control the symptoms of Rajonivritti.
As per Ayurvedic pathology for Rajonivritti, Vatta dosha is corrupted. we can see the symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, dry skin and many more symptoms related to vatta aggravation. There may be other dosha’s involvement in rajo nivritti like if pitta is imbalanced then hot flashes or anger can be seen. if kapha is imbalanced then weight gain, lethargic type of symptoms can be seen. Apana vayu (sub type of vatta) is the main causative factor in Ayurvedic pathology of rajonivritti. now let us learn how an Ayurvedic approach can help in menopause.
As per Ayurvedic guidelines every individual is unique and the line of treatment can be different for each individual. The treatment can be started with Shaodhana (Cleansing) then Shamana (Palliative treatment) , then Yukti vyapshrya (Using intelligence suggestion of lifestyle) and Rasyana (Rejuvenation).
Panchakarma cleansing can be performed as per the individual requirement and dosha movement. Virechana , basti, nasya can be performed after proper snehana and Swedana. after cleansing, Agni stimulation can be done by using dipaniya dravya. then shamana treatment as per the individual requirement. shamaniya dravya like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Gokshura, Ashoka , licorice can be used as per the requirement by qualified Ayurvedic physician. then Rasayana (Rejuvenating) herbs can be used to enjoy the goodness of health and same time adopting healthy habits and implementing healthy habits into our lifestyle will help to balance the harmony within.
Menopause symptoms can be eased with the proper lifestyle and stress management. The best way to manage stress can be adopted from ancient lifestyle. we do not want to go too many years back to study the ancient life style, instead just if we observe a lifestyle of the people few decades back and you will see the difference of lifestyle and how we invited stress in our life. Yes, It is not easy to implement everything what the ancient people used to follow as specially in this world of competition. To prove ourselves better we have invited many illnesses and issues in our life. competition and expectation these two words have created most issues related to mental illnesses. if these two words can be omitted from life then most of the problems can be resolved. solutions of all the questions of a person can be found within self only. it requires a big effort to dig the solutions within. The men has become introverted and not expressing his or her thoughts to others because of lake of trust and feeling of insecurity. Healthy lifestyle is not just adopting good diet and regular exercise but also adopting those healthy habits which can help to improve the mental strength of the person. Once these type of habits implemented and understood properly, The symptoms of any issues can be eased.
Pranayama and Meditation are always considered as the best practice for stress management. Practicing meditation and Pranayama produces hormones that helps to manage the stress. Researchers have proved that meditation helps to reduce stress hormones and increases a good hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) which is responsible for estrogen production. It also can help to regulate the hormones level and may work as natural HRT. Shitali and Shitakari pranayama are considered as cooling breath and can be used in the symptoms of hot fleshes. yoga poses also can be useful for stress management and hormone regulation.
Ayurveda is not limited to herbs or therapies only. There are various principles we can use to create balance within. some minor changes can help to regulate energies and create harmony. only thing requires is commitment and patience.
The information provided here is for knowledge purpose only. Please do not try or practice any of the mentioned above without advise qualified Vaidya’s advise. for more information please consult a qualified Ayurvedic Vaidya. Thank you for taking time to read this article. see you next month with a new interesting subject.

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