Ayurvedic concept of sleep.

Ayurveda is a science of life, which has equal importance for mind and body wellness. Ayurveda is not limited up to mind and body wellness, Ayurvedic sages were so intelligent that they have emphasized soul wellness as an important aspect. and for that Ayurvedic sages have taken consideration of some ancient darshanas, which help us to improve our spiritual health and that is why Ayurveda is considered as a science of mind, body and soul wellness. According to the motto of Ayurveda,

Maintenance and preservation of the health of healthy person and balance or elimination the imbalances from the sick person to bring back the better heath. To achieve the goal, Ayurveda has suggested three pillars of life and sleep is one of the three pillars described in Ayurveda for better health. Let us take a look about sleep described in Ayurveda , sleep is the state of body and mind, where the senses are separated from their sense objects. यदा तु मनसि क्लान्ते कर्मात्मानः क्लमान्विताः | विषयेभ्यो निवर्तन्ते तदा स्वपिति मानवः|| Sleep is a state of relaxation for the body and mind. if the sleep is not proper, it may lead to many illnesses, if it is taken properly, it is most beneficial for the health. any kind of imbalance in the sleep, either it is hinyoga (less then require), atiyoga (more then require)or mithya yoga (improper) is likely to lead to diseases. If it is in balance stage, it keeps the body healthy , and mind sharp and sound. now a days many people are suffering from sleep issues or insomnia. what is that makes this imbalance or what is that creates this issue. As per Ayurvedic texts following are the main causes of sleep disturbance or insomnia. 1- Chuttotklanta-mental stress, 2- Ashukha shaiya- uncomfortable bed, 3- Sattaudarya- when the mind is not ready to go for sleep. 4- Tamojaya- when mind is busy with some other stuff, 5- Rukshanna- Dry food, 6- Kalswadhava- unsuitable time for sleep, 8- Krodha- Anger, 9- Bhaya- fear, apart from above mentioned causes, old age, over work, over exercise,vatta diseases like pain, and some people are insomniac by nature. As I mentioned, insomnia can create many issues in body and mind, then what we can do that will help us to have a sound sleep, for that let us look at the suggestions of Ayurvedic philosophers , Proper ahara(food) and vihara(routine). milk, sugarcane juice, mutton soups, fruits, jaggery, rice,black gram, yogurt, Abhyanga massage, massage with herbal paste, head massage, shirodhra ( The third eye treatment) , netra tarpana , shirovasti, pleasant bed, marma pressurization at the feet, mardanam (acupressure of body)ghee, mental tranquility, free from desires, detach mind from external world and shifting to the internal world, avoid prganaparadha(corrupted intellect) , controlling senses, proper spiritual knowledge , cherishing positive memory, achara rasayana (code of good conduct, which promotes satva quality of the mind). each of those suggested can be used according to person’s body constitution type.

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