Ayurveda for Mental Health.

Ayurveda has defined health as a mental, physical and spiritual well being. In general when we talk about health, it always refers to body but it is more then body. In our daily life, to have effective learning, communication, emotions, thinking and self esteem one must have healthy mind and soul. Our body is made from the combination of spirit and matter. Ayurveda , the science of life has given equal importance to the matter component and imperceptible component. According to Ayurveda non matter component of life governs the matter component of life.

In today’s world of competition , we have to have excellence in all of our activities. It is important to have perfection in our activities, but that’s not what happens every time. sometime in our life time we come with perfection but we can not maintain it. what can we do that every time we perform we come with excellence? For that we need to understand what we are? why we are here? what is the goal of our life? As I mentioned , we are combination of spirit and matter. spirit component is constant in all of us, the difference is in matter component. what is that makes this difference? for that we will need to understand about mind. Meaning of mana is to perceive, to analyze, to gain knowledge. mana is very close to Atman. It is the controller of body and senses. According to Ayurvedic texts it is located in the heart. subtlety is the property of mana and because of it, it can travel to anywhere and can move from one object to other very quirky. Singleness is also it’s property. because of singleness , only single knowledge occurs at a time. As i mentioned earlier, we are combination of spirit and material, material matter is different in all of us, what is that makes different and that is Satva, Raja and Tama.

These Satva, Raja and Tama are considered as the three Gunas(Qualities) of the mana(mind). They are the three dimensions of mana(mind). Satva is the state of pure mind with complete balance. Raja represents agitation, activities, passion, while Tama represents inertia, laziness, darkness. Most of mental illnesses are because of these Raja and Tama qualities of mind. That is why they are also known as the dosha of the mind. According to the proportion of these Gunas, every individual has different strength of mind. Ayurveda has described three types of mental strength. 1- Pravara -Excellent. This type of mind can withstand mental trauma well. 2- Madhyama- Moderate. This mind can afford to tackle hardships if supported by someone. 3- Avara- least. This type has very less capacity to handle very least kind of mental trauma.

Ayurvedic classification of Mental disorders. In Ayurveda mental disorders are described as Mansik Vyadhi. Mental disorders caused by neurosis like Anxiety, jealousy, fear, inferiority complex, desires, pride, greed, anger etc. Endogenous mental disorders caused by withdrawal, insomnia, inertia, anxiety, excessive sleep, confusion. Ubhayatmak Mansik Vikara- In this type both the body and mind involved, like Psychosis, schizophrenia, epilepsy, hysteria. Behavioral disorder.

Ayurvedic management of Mental disorders. Ayurvedic sages have described three types of line of treatment to manage the mental illnesses. Daivvyapashraya Chikitsa (Holistic or spiritual therapy) – According to Ayurveda , human is the microcosm of the universe and universe is the macrocosm of the human being. And it says YATRA PINDE TATRA BRHAMND. means where there is a body, there is a universe. based on this logic sages have suggested some Mantras(Chants) , prayers, other relagious activities, wearing gems. auspicious offerings, donations to needed, to follow scriptural rules, fasting etc. This treatment is planned according to the astrological factors like stars and planets. Yuktivyapahraya chikitsa- Rational therapeutic approach -In this line of treatment different kind of herbs,therapies like shirodhara, shirobasti, shiroabhyanga , shirolepa, daily routine and diet is designed according to the clients requirement. Satvavajaya chikitsa( Ayurvedic Psychotherapy) This therapy is known as Satvavajaya which means to improve satva level, in this method the client is directed to the path of spirituality and oneness from the external attractions. The ciient is taught different methods to improve their spiritual well being and to control the mind.. Yoga – definition of Yoga is YOGASCHITTVRITTI NIRODHAHA. Chitta is the combination of organs, mind, intellect, ego and vritti is the whirlpool of thoughts. so literally yoga means to control the thoughts or to control the mind and that will help us to improve our satva, which ultimately help us to combat mental illnesses. Yoga is a wide subject which can not be described in this blog, I will write descriptively in my coming blogs.

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