Ayurveda for facial care.

It is everybody’s desire to be beautiful. And this desire is not just started from today but since centuries the people have carried a desire to be beautiful. But present scenario about beauty has been changed and people have been using poisonous chemical . especially women are more focused to be beautiful. Ayurvedic sages had very well knowledge about this essential desire and that is why this topic is widely described in Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda skin is the largest site of vatta and Bhrajak pitta. It is interesting that, when the microscope was not invented at that time before five thousands years, Ayurvedic physicians mentioned that skin has 6-7 layers and also mentioned the measurement of each layer with their name and functions. today we want to learn about facial care so we will not go deep in skin topic. Ayurvedic sages have suggested some techniques to protect and nourish our skin by using variety of herbs, which we will learn in this article. There are eight steps described for facial care. 1- Cleansing ,2- Massage, 3- Herbal steam, 4-Herbal scrub, 5- Herbal mask,6- toning, 7-moisturizing, 8-Hydrating. It is little difficult for all of us to follow all the eight steps everyday, if we follow cleansing, massage, steam (if skin type permits) and moisturizing that should be good and we can do full program once in 15 days. 1- Cleansing- Cleansing is necessary to remove the stored dirt , bacteria and to prepare the skin for facial massage. Ayurveda suggests to use Ubtan powder to cleanse the facial skin. This ubtan can be in powder or paste form. which helps to protect skin from infection, cleanses the skin, reduces facial hair, helps to protect from acne, black heads, improves blood circulation. simple ubtan recipe for all type of skin – Turmeric powder 1 spoon + Almond powder 1 spoon+ Gram flour 1 spoon+ Milk cream 1 spoon. make paste and apply it over face and let it dry, once dried wash it with room temperature water. 2- Facial massage- Facial massage is beneficial in slowing aging and it helps to nourishes the skin, improves blood circulation. for normal skin type use the almond oil +rose oil . 3- Herbal steam- Herbal steam clears the pores and cleanse the skin from the deep level. frequency of steam can be determined by skin type. various kind of herbs are used for facial herbal steam according to skin type. 4- Herbal scrub- It helps to cleanse the pores and improves circulation. coarse green gram powder 1 spoon+ Turmeric 1 pinch+ neem powder 1 spoon + milk cream 1 spoon + rose water 1 spoon . 5-a Herbal mask- Herbal face mask works as deep cleanser (By taking out the stored dirt from the deep pores) , nourishes the skin by providing various kind of vitamins and minerals and helps the new and healthy skin growth. various kind of clay ,herbal oil,and herbs are used to make herbal face mask according to skin type and body constitution type. 5-b Face pack- Herbal face pack is softer then mask, so it allows the skin to breath properly and can be keep on for longer duration then mask. Face pack helps in circulation and cleansing. face pack are made from fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruit juice supplies enzymes which makes skin healthy . 6-Toning – Toning process helps to remove all the residual from the previous steps and prepares the skin for moisturizing process. herbal juice or oil can be used as toner according to skin type. it can be gently applied in very thin layer using cotton ball . 7- Moisturizer- Moisturizer protects the skin from dirt, dryness,seasonal changes and also protects from the make up entering into pores. It makes skin soft, smooth and lubricated. Aloe vera is the best and commonly used moisturizer. different kind of herbal oils are used according to skin type. 8-Hydrating- Herbal mist is used for hydrating the skin. It is best to use mist in winter or after exercise or when the skin is dehydrated. Mist can be made from herbal teas. Hydrating the skin will provide re freshness to the skin and keeps it healthy. These tips can help us to maintain our beauty. To be beauty conscious is acceptable but it would be better if we be more health conscious. we should know that beauty means beauty + health of the skin. And to keep our largest organ healthy we should follow proper lifestyle and diet according to our body constitution type. Manish Trivedi. Atharva Ayurvedic Wellness Centre. www.atharvaayurvedicwellness.com

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